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When it comes to the business of Corporate Catering, Sawmill Catering Company is the gold standard.
Whether you want to order in lunch for a midday meeting or host a retirement party for an honored emplyee,
we can bring you a healty and satifying lunch or put on the spread for a gala event.

For the perfect solution to business and office meals, you have a variety of choices:

• Call in or email your order
• You can pick up at either Sawmill Restaurant location
• Call in or order lunch and we’ll deliver
• Let us quote a hot or cold breakfast, lunch or dinner
• Get a custom quote on a large corporate event
• For all pick up orders for 20 people or more, we add 18% gratuity


Full Service Buffet Menu
Breakfast Buffet

Brunch Service
Seafood Menu
Sandwiches & Wraps
Hors D’Oeuvres (Appetizers)
Drop Off Buffet Menu